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Matthew G Woolston, MBA

Matthew Woolston’s first “real” job was as a newspaper delivery boy delivering newspapers around his neighborhood in South Jordan, Utah, on his bike, when he was in middle school.  By high school he had moved on to fast food jobs and worked as a stocker in a supermarket while attending the University of Utah.  During college he began working at a multi-national time management and efficiency company in their logistics office handling international traffic of worldwide shipments.

After graduating in 1997 from the University of Utah with a degree in Communication, Matthew began working in sales and sales management at a marketing consulting company oriented toward financial services businesses.  He also began working on a Master of Business Administration degree in the evenings.  It was while working at the marketing company and going to business school that he met his spouse, the future Dr. Dixie Woolston now a Neuropsychologist at WNA. 

After completion of his MBA in 2000, Matthew moved to Dallas, Texas and began a new career orientation within the finance world.  Matthew worked at an investment company for several years which provided investment services and benefit plans to businesses and individuals.  Then, in 2005 Matthew took his finance acumen to a trade credit and trade consulting company where he worked to help client companies resolve debt and credit problems with their own business customers.  In 2010 he joined a Dallas finance company which provided funding and consulting services to automobile dealers.  At this company, as its Head of Operations, Matthew directed all aspects of operations from customer service to accounting to compliance to account management. 

At one point the company asked Matthew to consider relocating the company’s operations to Wyoming and managing the new Wyoming division.  As part of that process, his spouse, Dr. Dixie Woolston began a discussion with Drs. Gee and Wheeler about Neuropsychology services in Wyoming.  One thing led to another and instead of moving the Dallas finance company’s operations to Wyoming, Matthew moved himself and his family to Wyoming and became the CEO of Frontier NeuroHealth, Wyoming Neurologic Associates’ parent company.  Matthew’s job at FNH and WNA is to provide strategic and tactical direction, to represent the organization to its various stakeholders, and to direct the business aspects of the associated companies.  Outside of work, Matthew enjoys spending time doing fun things with his family which, besides his wife Dixie, includes two kids and a dog.

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