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Virginia Gee, MEd, MPT, SEP, CST

I am reentering the field of Physical Therapy after taking a 10 year hiatus while focusing on the mothering of my four daughters.  Now that they are all in school, I am excited to return to my passion of healing.  

A farm girl from Nebraska, I received my undergraduate and masters degree in Education.  After serving as an intern for the NCAA, I accepted a teaching position at Boys Town High School, working as a PE teacher while coaching volleyball, basketball and track.  I then attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center and   received a Master of Physical Therapy degree in 1997.  Chronic pain was an area of interest, as I felt this patient population was not well understood and was under served. When a job at the University of Utah Pain Clinic became available, I was delighted to be hired and work for two years.  A family move resulted in a new job at Wyoming Rehab in Sheridan, Wyoming.  When the opportunity arose to join my husband's private practice, I worked for Big Horn Neurology, specializing again with chronic pain and headache.

The nervous system intrigues me and I find it's impact on our lives crucial.  I have sought nontraditional treatments to address methods which help to regulate the nervous system.  I am specifically trained in CranioSacral Therapy, studying with the Upledger Instititute.  I am also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.  Somatic Experiencing is a well developed technique which helps to resolve past traumas that become encapsulated into the body over time.  Every human has an inner healer and a natural process of correction, however sometimes that process becomes interrupted; the goal of my therapy is to help awaken each individual healer and collaborate with the patient to find the wholeness they desire and deserve.

Cody is our home and I am blessed to be able to raise my wonderful family in such a beautiful and loving environment.  I enjoy an active lifestyle with mountain biking, coaching volleyball, Pilates, Nia and Yoga practices.  Addressing body, mind and spirit are integral to being a healthy individual.  The delight in my life is finding different avenues and expressions in pursing the enhancement off all three areas.

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